The Ideal Bar Mitzvah Gift!

Parsha Prints are Torah portions printed to look like real scrolls. This unique and meaningful gift enriches the Bar Mitzvah experience and provides a lasting memory.

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Rescued from the Flames




In a town not far from Warsaw, lived a small Jewish community. As the violent roundup of Jews for transport to death camps began, a courageous member of this small community ran to the synagogue, took the Torah and wrapped it in blankets. After digging a pit in a nearby barn, he placed the wrapped Sefer Torah in the ground and covered it with soil. He prayed that one day he would have the chance to rescue this holy book. The years passed...

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Symbolic Bar Mitzvah Gift




After separating every Parasha, printing on high quality art material at the level of museum standards, we received outstanding results. What we offer is — the weekly reading of your bar mitzvah at the real scroll size. This gift is a direct symbol of the connection between the past and the future. It adds much meaning to the step a growing boy takes when entering adulthood and becomes a living link in our Jewish history.

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